Maud Herrera/

In 2013, a one-year scholarship enabled her to study at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Alongside comparative literature, she studied and performed devised theatre, vocal jazz, medieval and Renaissance polyphony and song. On her return to France, she settled in Toulouse and met Xavier Vidal and Pascal Caumont, who introduced her to polyphonic music from Béarn and Occitan dance singing. In 2016, she joined the ‘Actor in the Present’ course at the Théâtre du Ring and learnt Languedocien. In 2019 she obtained a DEM in traditional singing from the CRR in Toulouse.

Between 2017 and 2020, she joined the polyphonic dance singing trio Cocanha. Their collaboration led to the recording of an album, Puput, produced by Catalan producer Raül Refree and released on the Pagans label in February 2020. Living in the Haut-Agenais region for three years, she met the singer and collector Pèire Boissière and delved into his repertoire. In 2022, she created her first solo concert, Tal Coal, which was supported by Garage Résidence, a scheme for heritage-based musical projects. She currently lives and works in the Limousin region.

Her first solo album, Tal Coal, produced by Canadian musician Eric Chenaux, was released in December 2023 on the Pagans label.