TUNE : Traditional music Undergraduate Network in Europe

Traditional Music Undergraduate Network in Europe (TUNE)
ERASMUS+ KA2 Cooperation Partnership


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The aim of this three-year project is to create opportunities for bachelor-level traditional music students from five European music institutions to participate in a democratic space for learning, exchanging, developing and performing European traditional musics. The project also aims to establish a sustainable network between the participating higher education institutions.

A central component of the project will be the development of an online learning platform which will be used to connect the student groups throughout the academic year and build towards an annual intensive week of workshops, lectures, ensemble work, and performances at a professional music festival.

Through the project, students will engage in interpreting and re-interpreting traditional musics from the countries represented by the partner institutions. The project’s social and educational value lies in the establishment of contexts for sharing, experimentation, and exploration of European cultural heritage, as well as the creation of forums where mutual understanding, respect and shared creative output can flourish.

Partner organizations

Pedagogical objectives

This project aims to provide student participants with the following opportunities:

  • Theoretical and practical insight into folk music traditions in four European countries
  • European networking and the opportunity to prepare for a European performance career
  • Development of intercultural competence



Throughout the academic year, student groups will engage with one another, and the participating teachers, via the online learning platform. In addition to ongoing e-learning activities, annual week-long intensive courses will be held in conjunction with professional music festivals in the participant countries.

  • 5 intensive weeks, leading to common artistic productions (1 per semester, 1 in each institution, gathering 5 students and 2 teachers of each institution) : may 2022 (university of Ioannina, Greece), october 2022 (university of Tartu – Viljandi, Estonia), february 2023 (Rauland Campus – university of South Eastern Norway), september 2023 (Conservatorio Superior de Vigo – Spain), may 2024 (pĂ´le AliĂ©nor – Poitiers, France) 
  • 3 multiplier events to share progress and the project’s results to a broader audience : 1 virtual conference organized by university of South Eastern Norway in may 2023, 1 presentation during the AEC congress in in The Hague in november 2023 and one hybrid conference in Poitiers in may 2024.