The pĂ´le AliĂ©nor is part of the pilot-project EASY of the AEC. You have to apply through the common platform.

The application procedure is available at :

Sign in and you will be led through the procedure.

​In case your home institution or pĂ´le AliĂ©nor would not appear in the list of possible institutions, please contact the international relations coordinator of your school or the international officer of pĂ´le AliĂ©nor, Claire Michon :

Further informations at :

Nota Bene : the pĂ´le AliĂ©nor accepts all applications, even if your home institution is not a partner yet. 

Informations about application procedure are available in our Course Catalogue.  Also find informations regarding:

  • Marks, grading scale
  • ​Required language level
  • Accomodation
  • Visa, insurance
  • Autumn semester: 11 sept 2023 – 12 jan 2024
  • Spring semester: 15 jan 2024 –  28 jun 2024
  • student application form Erasmus +
  • motivation letter 
  • study plan / learning agreement
  • curriculum vitae
  • ​​audio or video recording (15 to 20 minutes)
  • reference letter by the teacher in the principal study subject 
  • ID or passport (scan)
  • Transcript of records